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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
10:51 PMCody says they played a dirty game. Derr "it was stressful." Cody saying they had scapegoats the whole time. Cody had Zach, ChrisDerrick had Vic, Caleb...
Derr keeps saying when Cody was announcing the times, he could literally see his heart beating out of his chest.
10:48 PMDerrick saying he's not sure how he's going to go about telling Victoria. Saying maybe it will be like Caleb, that they can't tell (Long Post, Read More...)
10:45 PMDerrick tells Cody that no matter what they are winners, 1 with 50 grand & the other with 500 thousand but they have won! NT
10:44 PMCody asks if Derr wants to pop the champagne, Derr says no he just wants another hug. Derrick says Cody is like a brother. He talks about how 50K is life changing and it makes coming onto Big Brother & leaving his family worth it.
Cody talks about how he never doubted Derrick and what he was saying.
Derr talking about how they didn't hang out too much in the beginning helped them a lot.
10:42 PMVic crying in FR, the Hitmen in LR. Cody saying he was counting votes while he was waiting. Derr thinks Cody has the edge, Cody (Long Post, Read More...)
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